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Frankie Hatton  |  18th January 2016



Really exciting to announce that our very own Jayce Olivero is flying out today for a trial with Leicester City FC. Jayce has been with the Lions since he was about 5 years old so you can understand how proud we are that his talents are being spotted. Much as we'd hate to lose him it is an opportunity that rarely comes along more so for young Gibraltarian's. We wish him all the best for the coming week.

Most Lions fans would have watched last night's Leicester v Tottenham game in the hope of seeing our very own Jayce Olivero amongst the crowd - I didn't spot him, did you?


We had an update from his Dad on how his day went today. He played several training games, enjoying it and getting some good feedback. Afterwards he played an U21's game saying the level was much higher and competitive. He's knackered but he has more to do.

#ProudPride ‪#‎Roar ‬

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